A Deck with a View…

Ok, i really don’t mean to rub it in but we’ve had the most amazing weather here in Miami, lately. With the record breaking high temperatures we had during March, we were way over-due for the cooler temps that have arrived, if only for a short time.

Tonight it’s expected to get down to the low 50’s and tomorrow a perfect 80 degrees. Perfect “leaving the windows open” kind of weather! For me, this weather brings a certain energy along with it…makes you want to, um…well…BLOG! ha ha…

Oh, and take pictures….but, of course!

Here are a couple of shots i took this evening with my iPhone, just as the sun was setting. You can see the waxing crescent moon at 12% of full and a very clear Venus, off to it’s right. Click here to read more about the Moon and Venus conjunction.

Clear skies, cool breezes and celestial treats…it doesn’t get much better than this, folks!


I want the moon and the stars and the whole nine yards...

Moon and Venus Conjunction, what's your function?


Weekly Photo Challenge (Colorful)

realize i’m a bit behind schedule here, but i WILL catch-up…make no bones about it!

Painted Rock @ Art Basel 2010 Wynwood, Florida

Weekly Photo Challenge (Wildlife)

For this week’s “Wildlife” theme (and in honor of Mother’s Day) i’ve decided to post a photo of a Java Macaque Monkey with baby. I do quite a bit of volunteer work with an organization called “Hands on Miami” and one of my favorite projects is helping out the DuMond Center at the Monkey Jungle. Monkey jungle is a family owned and operated bio-park that started in 1933 and is home to over 400 primates. Conservationists study, train and conduct projects, as well as participate in the International Collaborative Breeding Program, which reintroduces captive born animals into protected habitats in the wild.

Java Macaque and child - Monkey Jungle, Miami Florida

The drink of choice for Sam Axe: The Minty Mojito. (via 2eat2drink)

Hi.  My name is Nicole and i’m an indulger.

Lately, my indulgence of choice is a “Mojito”.  A refreshing drink, made with rum, sugar, mint leaves, lime and carbonated (or sparkling) water.  It’s the perfect way to cool down on a hot Summer afternoon, as well as a great evening cocktail.

While driving to a bar in South Miami with an old friend two nights ago, i turned to him and said “if you ever want a great Mojito, go to Trattoria Sole’ “. He replied, “have you ever tried to translate the word ‘Mojito’ into English? It means ‘Little Wet One’.”  Indeed, it does…

we laughed.

Places i recommend in Miami for great tasting “Little Wet Ones” are:

Talavera Cocina Mexicana, Coral Gables – Mango Mojito
Sugarcane Raw Bar, Wynwood/Midtown area – The Original Mojito
Trattoria Sole’, South Miami – Coconut Mojito

OR try a homemade Minty Mojito using the recipe below!

The drink of choice for Sam Axe: The Minty Mojito. Do you watch Burn Notice? If you do, you’ll know who Sam Axe is, and that the minty mojito is mentioned frequently. If not, I suggest you mix up a few of these and look for the show on USA. We were fully immersed in the mojito when we went on our honeymoon to Puerto Rico, including the oddly silly tour of the Bacardi factory (which you should ask me about). We had all kinds: sweet, not sweet, super minty, barely minty, mint pulverized and whole. … Read More

via 2eat2drink