Weekly Photo Challenge (Sky)

A few of the perks to living in Florida, as well as the theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Cumulus clouds accumulating


January Sunset, Key Biscayne Marina

My favorite time of day

Christmas Eve Day...The Villages, Florida


Weekly Photo Challenge (Morning)

On Sunday, (after the fabulous and very satisfying breakfast at the Royal Palm Grill) i decided to take a drive over to the Fruit & Spice Park. Since we were already in the Homestead area, i figured, why not take advantage of a few neat places the city has to offer.  After all, the park is the only Tropical Botanical Gardens of it’s kind in the entire United States and hosts over 500 varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices. This is definitely MY KINDA PLACE…. http://fruitandspicepark.org/friends/

Good morning (yawn.....)

Using the rainy season to my advantage

Weekly Photo Challenge (Wildlife)

For this week’s “Wildlife” theme (and in honor of Mother’s Day) i’ve decided to post a photo of a Java Macaque Monkey with baby. I do quite a bit of volunteer work with an organization called “Hands on Miami” and one of my favorite projects is helping out the DuMond Center at the Monkey Jungle. Monkey jungle is a family owned and operated bio-park that started in 1933 and is home to over 400 primates. Conservationists study, train and conduct projects, as well as participate in the International Collaborative Breeding Program, which reintroduces captive born animals into protected habitats in the wild.

Java Macaque and child - Monkey Jungle, Miami Florida

Weekly Photo Challenge (Round)

Jimbo's - Virginia Key, Florida

You must visit “Jimbo’s” at some point, if you are ever visiting the Key Biscayne (Virginia Key) area.  Ice cold beer, fresh smoked fish and tons of “stuff” to photograph, or just be in awe of.

This picture was taken on my last trip to Jimbo’s and it is my version of “round” for the Weekly Photo Challenge. 

To check out more about “Jimbo’s” go to http://www.jimbosplace.com/

Weekly Photo Challenge (One)


Crandon Gardens - Key Biscayne, Florida

Here you have it, folks…my first entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge. This was taken on one of many daytrips to Crandon Gardens in Key Biscayne, Florida.  It’s a great place to picnic, photograph nature or simply enjoy an afternoon stroll.  Look forward to seeing everyone’s version of “One”.  🙂