Bringing Home the Bacon…Jam

A couple of weeks ago (while flipping back and forth between “Foodie” Channels) i came across THIS:

Heaven in a Jar

Now for the most part, i enjoy eating healthy but as soon as i saw this product…i knew it was only a matter of time before it would be “a-comin’ home to Mama”!

So, i placed my order online at the Skillet Street website where they have tons of recipe ideas, as well as the story of the man behind the Jam – Josh Henderson. He is not only the Proprieter/Chef of the recently opened Skillet Diner, but also the Creator of the now famous “Bacon Jam”.

On the site you will find all kinds of sinful treats, such as the bacon spread variety pack (drool) as well as other interesting items like Pumpkin Chipotle Sauce – which I also purchased, but have yet to try (more on that in a future post).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how i used my Bacon Jam, that’s a no-brainer…Eggs, Bacon Jam & Cheddar Cheese on a Biscuit:

Everything is Better with Bacon Jam…

I’d love to stay and write some more…but i’ve gotta “Jam”!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

I seem to have fallen behind in my postings, but rest assured…i will catch-up! For now, i give you this morning’s creation:

Breakfast of Champions

Banana, Almond Milk Pancakes with a Semi-sweet chocolate chip garnish. Feel free to message me for the recipe, it’s healthy AND delicious!

and pancakes,

Breakfast in a pharmacy…who knew?

For several months now, my Mom has been trying to convince me to try the breakfast down at the Royal Palm Grill in Homestead. Mom is convinced they have the best grits in town, so with that…i finally decided to give it a shot. Now keep in mind, my breakfast partner is quite fussy (as am i, when it comes to food)…ok and men!  So, she was a bit shocked to find out that our little breakfast place was situated inside the Rexall Pharmacy. Yes, we literally waited for a table on aisle 1 next to the “disposable adult undergarments”…laughing all the while. Not too hard though, as we realized we might actually need these items some day. ZIPES!!! If you’ve never been down to the Homestead area, it’s quite different from the rest of Miami…very umm…country. Yes, as in everyone drives a pick-up truck – it might even be a prerequisite! We are seated and our coffee arrives (at this point i get a little nervous because b.p. is very picky about her coffee and it’s definitely not the best). Now we order: b.p. decides she will try the eggs and ham (sans the green) and i go for one of the specials, corn-flake crusted french toast, 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, bacon and OF COURSE, we both order a side of grits 🙂  The food was T.D.F. (to die for)…grits were delicious, just as Mama said they would be. Generous portions, also…b.p.’s ham was so big that it took up the entire plate it was served on! I can’t wait to go back there…even b.p. enjoyed it 😉

Best breakfast in Homestead