Weekly Photo Challenge (Old Fashioned)

A stitch in time...

Well trained









Time flies

Gone surfin...




Feeling at home in Homestead

Worth the 20 minute drive, wouldn't you say?

Saturday morning i decided to take a drive down to Homestead in hopes of finding a few subjects for this week’s Photo Challenge Theme: Old Fashioned. While cruising down Highway US-1, i came across the Redlands Farmers Market and just had to stop. By golly, i think i FINALLY found it…the freshest (inexpensive) place to buy fruits and veggies!!

Hor-cha-cha-chata...this stuff had me dancing!

Upon arriving, my thirst began to kick-in. It was one of those hot, sticky, threatening-to-rain mornings and i knew i would need to stay hydrated . As i begin down the first aisle, i spot it…my beverage for the afternoon: Horchata. A refreshing, rice-based concoction usually made with cinammon, sugar and a touch of vanilla. It is rather popular in Latin America and just about every country has it’s own version. Pictured here: fresh fruit juices or “Agua Frescas” and Horchata on the right.

Lucky Taco = Lucky Me

Create your own...YUM 🙂

Just when i thought the place couldn’t get any better (and my tummy begins to growl) i see the “Lucky Taco” food truck. I’ve been wanting to try this mobile gourmet thing for quite some time now, as they are all the rave these days. So i was definitely looking forward to the experience. I paid 4 (yes, 4) dollars for 2 chicken tacos AND a bottled water. The tacos were delicious and the toppings fresh…a few drops of homemade hot sauce and it was Go Time!

My goodies...

I left just as the rain was beginning to fall. My purchases for the day: freshly-picked okra (for my Okra Winfrey recipe)…fragrant purple basil (for pesto)…Mexican semi-seco cheese (for nibbling)…limonsillos (remind me of Mom). Also purchased the owl necklace and 2 hats @ $5 each (not pictured) from the flea market section.

Home-made Purple Pesto

Oh, and my home-made Purple Basil Pesto (pictured above) did not disappoint. I even managed to squeeze in a few snapshots for the “Old Fashioned” theme, later that day. I will include those in my next post…Stay Tuned! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge (Sky)

A few of the perks to living in Florida, as well as the theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Cumulus clouds accumulating


January Sunset, Key Biscayne Marina

My favorite time of day

Christmas Eve Day...The Villages, Florida

Weekly Photo Challenge (Refreshing)

I  Summertime…and if anyone knows how to stay “refreshed” during these months –  it’s a Miamian.  With temps already dipping into the 90’s, i figured this would be the perfect time of year to try the ice cream recipe saved in my “Favorites” list.  After all, i already have some fresh lavender leaves and a jar of locally made honey,  that i purchased at the Fruit and Spice Park a few weeks back.  So, here is my version of Epicurious’s Honey Lavender Ice Cream (served with sliced strawberries)…

Refreshing Summer Treat... Must. Eat. Quickly.

…oh, and i wholeheartedly disagree with my brother, i don’t think it tastes like soap!!

Weekly Photo Challenge (Worn)

This was taken on a trip to Virginia Key…lovely little area with a small, hidden beach.  I made it just under the wire with this one.  Here is “worn”…

Feeling an awful lot like this parking block today...worn out!

Weekly Photo Challenge (Morning)

On Sunday, (after the fabulous and very satisfying breakfast at the Royal Palm Grill) i decided to take a drive over to the Fruit & Spice Park. Since we were already in the Homestead area, i figured, why not take advantage of a few neat places the city has to offer.  After all, the park is the only Tropical Botanical Gardens of it’s kind in the entire United States and hosts over 500 varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices. This is definitely MY KINDA PLACE…. http://fruitandspicepark.org/friends/

Good morning (yawn.....)

Using the rainy season to my advantage

Breakfast in a pharmacy…who knew?

For several months now, my Mom has been trying to convince me to try the breakfast down at the Royal Palm Grill in Homestead. Mom is convinced they have the best grits in town, so with that…i finally decided to give it a shot. Now keep in mind, my breakfast partner is quite fussy (as am i, when it comes to food)…ok and men!  So, she was a bit shocked to find out that our little breakfast place was situated inside the Rexall Pharmacy. Yes, we literally waited for a table on aisle 1 next to the “disposable adult undergarments”…laughing all the while. Not too hard though, as we realized we might actually need these items some day. ZIPES!!! If you’ve never been down to the Homestead area, it’s quite different from the rest of Miami…very umm…country. Yes, as in everyone drives a pick-up truck – it might even be a prerequisite! We are seated and our coffee arrives (at this point i get a little nervous because b.p. is very picky about her coffee and it’s definitely not the best). Now we order: b.p. decides she will try the eggs and ham (sans the green) and i go for one of the specials, corn-flake crusted french toast, 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, bacon and OF COURSE, we both order a side of grits 🙂  The food was T.D.F. (to die for)…grits were delicious, just as Mama said they would be. Generous portions, also…b.p.’s ham was so big that it took up the entire plate it was served on! I can’t wait to go back there…even b.p. enjoyed it 😉

Best breakfast in Homestead