Weekly Photo Challenge (Broken)

As much as I adore birds and wildlife, I don’t enjoy cleaning up the “presents” they leave behind. The pinwheels are used to prevent the ducks from coming onto the deck. They seem to be working for the most part…even when “Broken”. 

Pinwheel Side A (taken with Magic Hour Photo App)


Pinwheel Side B


Weekly Photo Challenge (Colorful)

realize i’m a bit behind schedule here, but i WILL catch-up…make no bones about it!

Painted Rock @ Art Basel 2010 Wynwood, Florida

Weekly Photo Challenge (Sky)

A few of the perks to living in Florida, as well as the theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Cumulus clouds accumulating


January Sunset, Key Biscayne Marina

My favorite time of day

Christmas Eve Day...The Villages, Florida

Weekly Photo Challenge (Refreshing)

I  Summertime…and if anyone knows how to stay “refreshed” during these months –  it’s a Miamian.  With temps already dipping into the 90’s, i figured this would be the perfect time of year to try the ice cream recipe saved in my “Favorites” list.  After all, i already have some fresh lavender leaves and a jar of locally made honey,  that i purchased at the Fruit and Spice Park a few weeks back.  So, here is my version of Epicurious’s Honey Lavender Ice Cream (served with sliced strawberries)…

Refreshing Summer Treat... Must. Eat. Quickly.

…oh, and i wholeheartedly disagree with my brother, i don’t think it tastes like soap!!

Weekly Photo Challenge (Worn)

This was taken on a trip to Virginia Key…lovely little area with a small, hidden beach.  I made it just under the wire with this one.  Here is “worn”…

Feeling an awful lot like this parking block today...worn out!