Feeling at home in Homestead

Worth the 20 minute drive, wouldn't you say?

Saturday morning i decided to take a drive down to Homestead in hopes of finding a few subjects for this week’s Photo Challenge Theme: Old Fashioned. While cruising down Highway US-1, i came across the Redlands Farmers Market and just had to stop. By golly, i think i FINALLY found it…the freshest (inexpensive) place to buy fruits and veggies!!

Hor-cha-cha-chata...this stuff had me dancing!

Upon arriving, my thirst began to kick-in. It was one of those hot, sticky, threatening-to-rain mornings and i knew i would need to stay hydrated . As i begin down the first aisle, i spot it…my beverage for the afternoon: Horchata. A refreshing, rice-based concoction usually made with cinammon, sugar and a touch of vanilla. It is rather popular in Latin America and just about every country has it’s own version. Pictured here: fresh fruit juices or “Agua Frescas” and Horchata on the right.

Lucky Taco = Lucky Me

Create your own...YUM 🙂

Just when i thought the place couldn’t get any better (and my tummy begins to growl) i see the “Lucky Taco” food truck. I’ve been wanting to try this mobile gourmet thing for quite some time now, as they are all the rave these days. So i was definitely looking forward to the experience. I paid 4 (yes, 4) dollars for 2 chicken tacos AND a bottled water. The tacos were delicious and the toppings fresh…a few drops of homemade hot sauce and it was Go Time!

My goodies...

I left just as the rain was beginning to fall. My purchases for the day: freshly-picked okra (for my Okra Winfrey recipe)…fragrant purple basil (for pesto)…Mexican semi-seco cheese (for nibbling)…limonsillos (remind me of Mom). Also purchased the owl necklace and 2 hats @ $5 each (not pictured) from the flea market section.

Home-made Purple Pesto

Oh, and my home-made Purple Basil Pesto (pictured above) did not disappoint. I even managed to squeeze in a few snapshots for the “Old Fashioned” theme, later that day. I will include those in my next post…Stay Tuned! 🙂


3 responses to “Feeling at home in Homestead

  1. Loved the pics of those memorible places. Remember we once said that was
    RHW place to buy fruits & veggies? Glad it still is. In fact it looks better now than then! Four $ for all that, wow!

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